Wonky SS Bug


I’m running sequenceserver 1.0.8 in OSX 10.11.5 and got an error message (see below). My database has 549 S. aureus USA500 samples and is attempting to blast 1.6Mbytes worth of fasta-formatted sequences. Thanks for the feedback, and please let me know if I’ve forgotten to include pertinent information.

Michael Frisch

Hi Michael,

Sorry about the delay in reverting.

As far as I understand, EINVAL here implies that the path is not acceptable to the OS. Not because it doesn’t exist - that would have raised ENOENT - but because the path contains invalid characters for example. And because the path is generated by Ruby itself, I would think the chances of that happening is zero / almost zero. Thus I am not sure what’s going on.

Does this happen all the time or happened just once? Can you upgrade your Ruby (e.g., to 2.1) and check if the problem persists?


Any luck?