Unable to initialize SequenceServer after installing at localhost:4567

I’m new to SequenceServer, and I’ve just installed it on my server (working with CentOS 7). However, I think I’m missing something basic after the installation process. Everything seemed to work properly (the sequenceserver command didn’t return anything strange), I even loaded a test FASTA file successfully to set the very first database.
However, while trying to launch SequenceServer, nothing is found at the address localhost:4567.
I integrated SequenceServer with Apache as suggested in the ‘doc’ section of your website.
What could be wrong?
Thanks in advance for your time.

Never mind, I solved it. The problem was the firewall and SequenceServer had to be running while trying to connect.

Hi Tiziana,

How did you solve the issue? The same thing happened to me when I used SequenceServer on an ubuntu virtual machine.

Any help would be appreciated!