Setup on Apache with Phusion Passenger

Hello Priyam
sequenceserver works perfectly on localhost:4567 but now I would like setup on Apache. I have download passenger and validated it with “sudo /usr/local/bin/passenger-config validate-install”. I used MAMP pro to manage my webserver and I don’t know how to deploy sequencerserver with it…
thank you for your help.
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Hi Didier,

  1. Installing Passenger is covered at Phusion Passenger’s website. And that’s “the" way to go about it.

  2. SequenceServer is a Ruby app. (Ruby != Rails). How to setup a Ruby app with Passenger is also covered on Phusion Passenger website, here - It is “the” way to go about it.

  3. Three are only four SequenceServer specific things:
    a. Make sure SequenceServer runs correctly on localhost:4567.
    b. Find out where the gem is installed and delete Gemfile from that directory. Not applicable if you are running SequenceServer from source.
    c. Edit (in the directory SequenceServer is installed in) to indicate absolute path to SequenceServer’s config file (by default: ~/.sequenceserver.conf). See below.

  • SequenceServer.init
  • SequenceServer.init :config_file => “/home/foo/.sequenceserver.conf”

d. If you want to get taxonomy data, see -!topic/sequenceserver/mrZknaM_AoI

  1. These instructions are for latest Passenger. Use latest Passenger, even if you have to jump hoops. It makes life easy. For all.

  2. If assets (JS, CSS) don’t load, it’s not SequenceServer’s fault. See -!topic/sequenceserver/NIfKTNm1om4.

  3. SequenceServer can be integrated with Apache, but nobody said it will be easy. Configuring Apache is standard Linux sysadmin territory along with all its greatness and nuances that can’t be coded away from inside SequenceServer - precisely why we bundle a web server that we can control.

I hope this helps.

(p.s: Googling “sequenceserver apache” turns up a number of relevant hits)

— Priyam