SequenceServer v1.0.11 - removing a key from the JSON while downloading a sequence

I have built an application which integrates SequenceServer. While downloading any sequence from the search results, I am getting the attached file format. I want to remove the “error_msgs” key from the root JSON in the file. Is there any way I can do that?

sequenceserver-q8_0.78_clus1905_3.fa.fasta (5.85 KB)

There is no pre-defined way to remove it. You would have to parse the JSON and get the selected bits. You could do it using a command line JSON processor:

Array of sequences:
cat sequenceserver-q8_0.78_clus1905_3.fa.fasta | jq ‘.sequences’

Preserving the original object structure:
cat sequenceserver-q8_0.78_clus1905_3.fa.fasta | jq ‘{sequences: .sequences}’