Sequenceserver command not found

New user here. I installed sequenceserver, but now the command cannot be found and I can’t find where anything is installed. Flummoxed!

Running on a MacBookPro, MacOS14.4.1
I upgraded Ruby to v 3.3.1 after initial install complained about versions
I installed sequence server with the command
sudo gem install sequenceserver
and I got the following positive response:

Thank you for installing SequenceServer :slight_smile:
To launch SequenceServer execute ‘sequenceserver’ from command line.

$ sequenceserver

[redacted some text with links, since new users cannot post >2 links]

Successfully installed sequenceserver-3.0.1
Parsing documentation for sequenceserver-3.0.1
Done installing documentation for sequenceserver after 0 seconds
1 gem installed

But when I try to run it:

(base) > sequenceserver

-bash: sequenceserver: command not found

If I try ‘which sequenceserver’ or ‘whereis sequenceserver’ I get nothing, and I cannot find any such file using MacOS search function.

Can someone please point me to where the installation should be on my file system?



Murphy’s Law: I figured out the answer not long after I’d posted.

The answer: I had installed Ruby using homebrew, so ruby was installed at


and sequenceserver was at


I was then able to run it fine from that location.

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