Sequenceserver 2 (RC) and Jbrowse

I’m testing sequenceserver 2 (RC) and it works very well.
I would like to ask you if it will be possible to have, in a future release, a very easy way to view the results of sequenceserver in a jbrowse instance? For example with a built-in function? I know that is already possible by editing the “links.rb” file but it is not very clear how to do it and also not so simple.
Thanks a lot

Hi Max,

Thanks for testing the candidate release.

Easy integration with JBrowse is on my Wishlist. At the moment, we have not thought about the relative priorities for subsequent releases.

Would you consider it easy enough if you could download a BED/GFF file from SequenceServer which you could then upload to a JBrowse instance? Could you register your interest by upvoting or adding a comment about why that might not be suitable here -