SequenceServer 1.0.8

Hi all,

Just pushed a small update containing a few bug fixes. Details here:

— Priyam

As always,

gem install sequenceserver

… to upgrade.

Hey, Priyam, I just updated and restarted Apache - the UI still reports version 1.0.7. I do see 1.0.8 in the gems directory, and the install didn’t throw any errors - probably just a UI issue, then?

Hey Wolf,

Maybe you forgot to update the path in Apache config or of the public dir / symlink in your document root and as a result it’s still 1.0.7 that’s being served?

I have triple checked at my end by now and didn’t find anything yet.

— Priyam

Hmm. I never had to do that before, but I’ll check…might be a few (more) days before I get a chance to look.

And the delay will be somewhat larger as my bioinformatics server just died. It’ll be a while before I have time to figure out if I can repair it or if it just plain needs to be replaced. :frowning: