SequenceServer 1.0.4 bug - can't convert Hash into String

Hi there,

Recently updated Sequence Server to 1.0.4 through: “gem update sequenceserver --user-install”.

Unfortunately it has stopped working. Upon submission of a single protein or nucleotide query (fasta header and no fasta header) against single nucleotide or protein databases the following error occurs:

Sorry about that Tim. I can confirm this is a bug in SequenceServer 1.0.4 - when run on Ruby 1.8.7. I suggest you revert to 1.0.3 till I get a fix out.

Run ‘gem uninstall sequenceserver’. When prompted, select to uninstall 1.0.4. This will revert you to last working SequenceServer install on your system. To install 1.0.3, run ‘gem install sequenceserver -v 1.0.3’.

Supporting Ruby 1.8.7 has become increasingly difficult as support for it is being continuously dropped from all major libraries and tools.

– Priyam

Thanks for the feedback Priyam. This sequenceserver instance is running on an institute managed server, not too familiar with Ruby so didn’t realize we were running such an old version. Can try and get the new version installed by the admins.


Upgrading Ruby would work around this issue. Could make things a bit faster as well. I would recommend 2.1.6 or 2.2.2.

– Priyam