Sequence server can't find blast binaries

I guess I am missing something obvious here but I am getting the following error when I try to start sequence server

"== Initializing SequenceServer…
F, [2013-09-22T19:15:09.451246 #8144] FATAL – : Fail: Could not find blast binaries.

You may need to download BLAST+ from And/or edit /home/bryonyadmin/.sequenceserver.conf to indicate the location of BLAST+ binaries."

I have changed the location of the blast binaries to
bin: /usr/share/ncbi-blast+/bin

in the sequenceserver.conf file and in the example.config.yml

and I can see the blast binaries in this folder:


I have this version of blast installed: ncbi-blast±static 2.2.26-1ubuntu1

Any advice would be really appreciated, thanks.

Hi Alice,

thanks for giving seqserv a spin. Your error is a bit surprising. Can you tell us which versions of ruby and sequenceserver you are running? Have you checked that the binaries in /usr/share/ncbi-blast+/bin are executable? (ie does typing “/usr/share/ncbi-blast+/bin/blastp” in your terminal give you the help info for blast?


Hi Yannick,

Thanks for your reply. That was the problem, I had the wrong folder of Blast binaries. I am not sure what those blast binaries are for, the main ones are in another folder. I have changed the paths and it works.

Thanks very much!

Excellent. Kind regards,