Sequence Server 1.0.9 (FASTA error)

Hi everyone!

I had a problem to retrieve a FASTA of Nasonia genome. When I try to download a FASTA of specific sequence (see image), the server returns the following message:


Hi Patrick,

Some sequence id patterns have been a bit problematic, but I believe we fixed most of them in version 2.0:

Would you be able to give version 2.0 of sequenceserver a try and let us know if the problem persists? Would be easier for us to fix it there.


Hi Priyam!

Thanks very much for your message!

I will try to use this new version. But, this version (2.0) it’s only to Ruby/Linux?
There is an online version like 1.0.9?


Hi Patrick,

I am not entirely sure what you mean. If the problem you mentioned wasn’t on your PC or a server that you manage, you will have to ask the person who manages that Nasonia server to update sequenceserver. Alternatively, you can download Nasonia genome from NCBI and use it with latest sequenceserver on your PC.