Runs slowly with NCBI nr database

I’m trying to blast a short sequence (~250nt) against a local copy of the nr database but when I try to do this I only see the spinning icon (no results). I noticed that when I start sequence server I see this line repeated for each part of the nr db:
I, [2014-02-26T15:53:22.158483 #9075] INFO – : Found a multi-part database volume at /home/taylor/blast/db/nr.00 - ignoring it.
The database files are from the preformatted nr db download from the NCBI ftp.
Is this a known problem or is there something wrong with my configuration?

I should mention that this is the last command line output:

D, [2014-02-26T16:00:26.617737 #9075] DEBUG – : advanced:

Hi Taylor,

Thanks for your interest in seqserv. Is it possible that the blast is simply taking a long time to run? When you do the blast from seqserv, does the blast(x?) process finish? You should be able to work it out by running the query and then looking at ‘top’ on the server.