Request: 5 minute user survey to guide next steps

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for using SequenceServer - we are very proud that our tool is helping to support incredible science around the world 1.

We are eager to further expand SequenceServer’s capabilities. Ideas include automatic integration with JBrowse, support for minimap, improving the scope of visualizations, and better handling of large databases.

However, implementing major features requires more than the ad-hoc resources we have been able to access.

To help inform our next steps, we would be grateful if you could answer a few questions (5 minutes max). This will help us understand how SequenceServer is used and how we can fund its development. The questions are here:

Thank you in advance for your help,

Priyam and Yannick

PS: Check out the candidate 2.0 release if you haven’t yet. It includes new modes of visualising BLAST results, ability to share results page, preliminary support for DIAMOND, expanded download capabilities and more. Details and instructions here: