Removing bulk FASTA download of the target sequences


I’d like to remove the bulk download of the entire FASTA sequence of targets. The issue is that the target sequence is reported entirely, and not only the region of alignment, which means that when the hit is against a genome database, the entire chromosome sequence is reported. So I’d like to disable the feature.

It was easy to remove the link from each entry (editing links.rb file), more difficult is removing the feature from the side bar where “Download FASTA, XML, TSV” with FASTA of all hits and FASTA of selected hit(s).

I found no way to remove, disable or making not working this links (like downloading an empty file, which is by far less elegant). Removing the list elements in views/result.erb file removes the link and the results are displayed but the “searching” pop-up never leave from in front of them. Editing the content of the ruby search in the link obviously breaks the code delivering errors.
As I’d like to keep the tabular and xml report download active, how can I disable just the FASTA download?

Thanks in advance