Rebuild source

Hi, I have sequence server installed and running. I would like customize the result links. I tried uncommenting one of the methods in customization.rb, but it did not change the links. I also tried adding additional debug statements to the main ruby file (sequenceserver.rb) and customization.rb. After running blast through the website, the new debug statements did not show up in my error file, although the old ones do.

I figured the code might need to be re-built, so I tried “gem build sequenceserver.gemspec”. It finished without error but the new code and debug messages are still not showing up in my instance. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

There shouldn't be a need to re-build the code. Perhaps you missed to
restart SequenceServer for the changes to take effect?

How are you running SequenceServer? Apache + Passenger?

-- Priyam