Rails Integration

I'm looking to integrate sequenceserver into a Rails application. I
have found some tutorials talking about how to do this for very simple
Sinatra applications that are just a single Ruby file, but evidently
sequenceserver is a bit more complicated. If anyone has any ideas on
how to do this I would really appreciate some help. Thanks!

Hi Nolan,

This IS very straight forward

Install sequenceserver via Gem
Configure .sequenceserver.conf
Setup database

Create a new Rails app

 $ rails new MyRailsApp

Add sequenceserver and sinatra to ‘MyRailsApp/Gemfile’ in the Rails application:

gem 'sinatra'
gem 'sequenceserver'

Add the following to ‘MyRailsApp/config/routes.rb’ in the Rails application:

MyRailsApp::Application.routes.draw do

 #Lines to make sequenceserver run.
  mount SequenceServer::App, :at => "sequenceserver"


This will match the ‘/sequenceserver’ url to the sequenceserver app.