multiple instance of sequenceserver on single server and customization


I would like to customize my installation of sequenceserver to look similar to
Could you please list the exact steps? changes made to views/*erb are not effective.
Also I want to have multiple instances of sequenceserver( with unique path for each sequence server instance); could you please advice.
I am using 1.0.7 version for sequenceserver


Hmm. Looks like they embedded SequenceServer into a WordPress or Drupal page (or some such content management systems). Not sure how to do that.

Try restarting the server for changes in views/ to take effect. If you make changes to public/ (i.e., to CSS and JS), you will have to run in development mode (sequenceserver -D) for changes to take effect, then build the CSS and JS for faster page load (instructions in README).

Using Apache is recommended for hosting multiple instances at once. You will need two files each pointing to it’s own config file with appropriate database dir and other settings.

require ‘sequenceserver’

SequenceServer.init(:config_file => ‘/absolute/path/to/config/file’)
run SequenceServer

Instructions to set with Apache are on website. Here is an up-to-date user contributed article on the same: (and the author has a prettier instance than D. suzukii - you may be able to get tips from him).

— Priyam

Thanks Anurag for a quick response!
Both customization and creating multiple instances worked!