modified for SequenceServer 1.0.4 through Phusion Passenger/Apache


I am very new to ruby applications but have been tasked to deploy SequenceServer in a development environment for a researcher. I am deploying all of this on a linux platform using ruby 2.0, sequenceserver 1.0.4, passenger 5.0.8 and apache 2.2. I’d like to specify a path to the sequenceserver configuration file and found an example from an older version of the sequenceserver web site (

SequenceServer::App.config_file = ‘/path/to/.sequenceserver.conf’

but that does not seem to work with the newer version. Is there an updated version of the above directive to allow me to set a different confg file for sequenceserver? Thanks in advance!

  • Bill

Hey Bill,

In new sequenceserver, you can specify the path of your configuration file using the command line parameter -c. A documentation of which can be found on the website.


Hey Will,

1.x onwards the correct way to do that is to modify the SequenceServer.init line in to SequenceServer.init(:config_file => “/path/to/config/file”)

(best to use absolute path there)

I realise that this isn’t mentioned on the website - we will fix that.

– Priyam

That’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much!

  • Bill W.