Issue getting database ID in api


I’m attempting to use the sequence server api following the instructions on The issue I’m having is with getting the database id from my localhost:4567 (which is working). The command I’m using to get the ID is: curl $http://localhost:4567/searchdata.json | jq --raw-output ‘.database[].id’
The error I get back is curl: (1) Protocol “” not supported or disabled in libcurl
If I remove the $ and/or the http:// I get back a number that looks like a database ID but if I try to perform a query with it, it says zsh: no matches found: -Fdatabases[]=the id

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UPDATE: I got it working with the shell script provided, so I’m assuming it’s an issue with my api command not getting the ID.
The command I used was: curl -v -X POST -Fsequence=sequence -Fmethod=blastp -Fdatabases[]=theID http://localhost:4567
I get back: no matches found: -Fdatabases[]=theID

Hi Simon,

Glad you got it working. For the first part of your first message I think the issue is that the API doc page is using $BASEURL as a variable where you are expected to replace $BASEURL with the URL for your SequenceServer.


curl $BASEURL/searchdata.json | jq --raw-output '.database[].id'


curl http://localhost:4567/searchdata.json | jq --raw-output '.database[].id'

From your message it appears that you left the $ in so your zsh is trying to replace it with something, not finding a variable and passing curl an invalid URL.

The second issue is also zsh related. Square brackets [] have special meaning in zsh. If you need to use them for a purpose other than what zsh expects then you need to put them in quotes (single or double) so that zsh knows to treat them as a string.

curl -v -X POST -Fsequence=ATGTTACCACCAACTATTAGAATTTCAG -Fmethod=blastn -F 'databases[]=theID'

I hope this helps.

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