In Apache integration, what are "/home/foo/.sequenceserver" and "/home/foo/.sequenceserver.config"?


I am following the documentation here ( for Apache integration. I made it through all the Phusion Passenger instructions, but I can’t figure out what I’m mean to enter at SequenceServer’s for:

SequenceServer::DOTDIR = "/home/foo/.sequenceserver"
SequenceServer.init :config_file => "/home/foo/.sequenceserver.conf"

The SequenceServer installation site that I entered into the Virtual Host entry was: /var/lib/gems/2.3.0/gems/sequenceserver-1.0.12/public

However, there is no .sequenceserver.conf there or in sequenceserver-1.0.12

I’m not sure how to figure out what the replacement path for /home/foo/ should be in my instance.

Finally, once that is entered, where will sequence server appear? At <site_url>.sequenceserver ?

Thank you!

I found where .sequenceserver and .sequenceserver.conf are (in /home/). Added those to the config file, and realized from here (!searchin/sequenceserver/terminal%7Csort:date/sequenceserver/e3ddLxviUgM/VOvEx3VF5jAJ) that a different apache config file is used for Ubuntu and what I need is a sub-URI.