graphical display of query and hits

Adding a graphical display of a query sequence and how hits from a search distribute onto that query sequence would be helpful for SequenceServer users.

For example, NCBI BLAST presents this type of graphical display near the top of a search output page. The graphical display of query sequence and the distribution of hits on the query sequence instantly shows important characteristics of the results of the search.

I am a new user of SequenceServer and might not have found all its features. Assuming that I have correctly perceived that output graphics are not yet part of SequenceServer, I recommend adding a graphical display of search results similar to the output graphics of NCBI BLAST.



Hey Gregg,

You are right, SS doesn't do graphics for the BLAST results yet. We
are working on it as I write this email. We will definitely take
inspiration from NCBI BLAST+'s output.

-- Priyam

Hi Priyam,
SequenceServer is really helpful. Thanks so much for working on it.
Linked to this thread, could you supply any hints as to how I could add links to the blast output section (snippet below) that point to my own web pages with fasta sequences of the hits?
Many thanks!!

Query= PyezoenV1.contig_251_g6

                                                                      Score     E
Sequences producing significant alignments:                          (Bits)  Value

  PyezoenV1.contig_251_g6                                             [  900](http://localhost:4567/#BL_ORD_ID:5)   0.0   
  PyezoenV1.contig_5590_g1261                                         [  395](http://localhost:4567/#BL_ORD_ID:1256)   7e-136
  PyezoenV1.contig_13615_g3269                                        [  315](http://localhost:4567/#BL_ORD_ID:3261)   2e-105
  PyezoenV1.contig_9274_g2211                                         [  303](http://localhost:4567/#BL_ORD_ID:2206)   5e-100