Feature Suggestion: "Lazy" link retrieval

One of my earlier comments mentioned how SequenceServer seems to take longer to process results than the actual BLAST analysis takes. In monitoring the process, it seems like the majority of the time is spent retrieving and processing links for the hits.

Is there a way this could be turned into a lazy, on-demand process? For each HSP shown in the display, show just the actual HSP sequence data and match name, and then insert a generic link like “Click here to retrieve this sequence” - then retrieve the link information on demand?

Not knowing exactly how SequenceServer works, I realize that this might be totally incorrect and/or impossible - but it was just a thought…

Interesting idea. I think though that we should work on simply making the whole thing faster though, as opposed to adding a solution as you suggest. There’s a few things we could do to make it speedier (not printing so much to the log would be one way), but the way seqserv currently works means parsing an output file from blast. It is possible that that parsing process is what takes the time, and for your solution the parsing would still be needed, so lazy might still be slow.

I might have missed your earlier comment - do you mind copying it here or recapitulating it please? Is it blasting a lot of queries that each have a lot of hits against a relatively small database?