fasta download of blast results


I got the following error while trying to extract fasta’s:

You requested 1 sequence(s) with the following identifiers:
from the following databases:
but we found 0 sequence(s).

This is likley due to a problem with how databases are formatted.
Please share this text with the person managing this website (or!forum/sequenceserver
if you are the admin) so that the issue can be resolved.

If any sequences were retrieved, you can find them below
(but some may be incorrect, so be careful!)

What should I change in formatting of my databases in order to extract fasta's correctly?

Thank you in advance



Solved the problem.

Seems that for my old blast databases I did not include the “-parse_seqids” setting with the “makeblastdb” command and that’s why I could not extract the sequences as fasta.