Error on retrieval of sequences from database

Hi Sequenceserver(ers),

I’ve just started using sequenceserver and I am relatively new to BLAST.

When I click on the hyperlinked BLAST results from the sequenceserver page I get this error (see attached).

This does no happen with my other databases…

Any idea?

Thank you,





Hi Luca,

Thanks for reporting this. Your problem most likely has to do with the fact that there is a # sign in the name of your subject sequence (unlike your other dbs, I’m guessing), and this is not being properly escaped by seqserv (or blast itself for that matter), meaning the incorrect parameters are being passed to the server.

I’ve opened a bug report for this here:

As a workaround you might try removing the # signs (and everything after on the line?) from the fasta file and re-formatting it.

Hope that helps.