Error messages

My SequenceServer is acting up - half of my queries now return with:

Oops! BLAST Failed
Bad Request

Command line argument error: Argument “query”. File is not accessible: `/tmp/sequenceserver_query20130425-4034-1ple4g8’

Any ideas?

Hi Wolfgang,

This is fixed in the master branch on github, but I’ll release a new gem over the weekend - then it’ll be fixed after a gem update.

Ah, okay, glad it’s not my config - what’s the update process?

Also, Ben - I noticed that the error happens more frequently with certain databases, and that once munged it stays munged until a restart. Using the standard nr/nt databases everything seems fine (so far, at least).

Actually, despite what it may seem, there is no fixed pattern to this
bug. It happens when Ruby periodically trashes the objects that are
not needed anymore. And because of a programming error, Ruby trashes
the uploaded sequence before SS is able to run BLAST search.

-- Priyam

$ gem update sequenceserver

should do the trick, now that 0.8.5 is released. Hopefully that’ll fix your problem Wolfgang.

Aye, it did - thanks!!!