error mesage

I am getting this since yesterday:

Something went wonky

Looks like you have encountered a bug in SequenceServer. Could you please report this incident to your admin or to SequenceServer Google Group (if you are the admin), quoting the error message below?

Can you update SequenceServer to latest (1.0.11) and let me know if the issue persists?

Run “gem install sequenceserver” (without the quotes) in a terminal to update.


I am using the web interfase to try to run PHI blast. I was working for me in previous days.
I made as you said, although I don’t think installing that in my computer would have an effect on the web interfase (actually, I try it again with same results).
Is it my option to run it locally? I would need to read the documentation to try to do so. That’s not going to be easy for me.

Now I kind of understand. The one that have to update SequenceServer is the the PHI-BLAST site. I emailed the guys there, no answer yet.


Uhm, you can’t use SequenceServer for PHI-BLAST.