"Enter taxid (optional):" apparently not optional?

Updated to:

$ sequenceserver -v

I’m using a personal database. When creating new BLAST db’s I cannot get past the optional taxid line by hitting return:

$ sequenceserver -m
[2022-04-11 09:32:15] INFO  Reading configuration file: /home/deploy/.sequenceserver.conf.FASTA file to format: /srv/raw/blast/Genomes/CHEMO_Tbal_GRs.fasta
FASTA type: protein
Proceed? [y/n] (Default: y):
Enter a database title or will use 'CHEMO Tbal GRs':
Enter taxid (optional):
taxid should be a number

Is the taxid required? This is very new private data. Should I just enter a dummy number? Or is there an issue here.


Hi Michael,
this was an issue in rc8, but should have been resolved in the 2.0 release.

Can you please check that you no longer have the issue if you update to 2.0? (but yes if you entered a dummy number that would be fine as long as you don’t do any taxonomic filtering)

Kind regards,


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Hey Yannick,

Yes, updating to 2.0.0 fixed the issue.


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