Docker instance : result page not showing result, though calculation complete

I am trying to set up a local instance of SequenceServer using the supplied docker image.
The server has been installed and correctly accepts input data from the interface, and Blast runs agains t the NT data.
Some results are returned as expected, and the output page updates to show results on completion, some sequences appear to complete (the logs and output files are correctly created by the docker instance), but the output results page never updates - and does not show the result data.
Has anyone seen this issue and know of a solution to this problem.
Thank you

Hi Tom,
Have you tried running on smaller datasets, and do they complete successfully?
If you are running on a cluster, it may be that part of the execution is being killed before full completion.
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We managed to solve this yesterday, and here was the problem incase other people hit this.
We are managing the local instance server via a proxy we server (which is fine), but to make it easy for our staff to recognise whether they were on the public server or internal server we added a small company logo at the top right using the proxy server - with no other changes. For an unknown reason (at this time), adding this logo occasionally (independent of sequence size etc) would result in failure to signal completion of calculation. We are now running the server without the logo and educating our staff about reading the URL before uploading IP.

Thank you for your answer.

Thank @TomOOO you for the detailed update