Deploying SequenceServer under apache


I have installed SequenceServer using the instructions, and I can run it manually from the command line.

I would like to put it under a sub uri under apache so I have added the VirtualHost configuration as described, but it doesn’t say how you link up the apache directory e.g.


to the sequenceserver installation? Do I need to copy the directory




or something similar? Note that passenger is already installed and working as I use it for a Redmine installation.

Thanks for any advice



# snippet from
# for (sub-uri) deployment
RackBaseURI /sequenceserver
<Directory /var/www/sequenceserver>
  Options -MultiViews

Just replace /var/www/sequenceserver above with
/usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/sequenceserver-0.8.7/public and it
should work.

-- Priyam

I just noticed that RackBaseURI option has been deprecated in
PhusionPassenger. You may want to consult their official documentation
for correct Apache config -

-- Priyam