I am new here but first of all say that your SS looks great!!
I was able to install it with no problem and now wanted to ask you about possible customization of the web interface.
Maybe is asking too much but is there any way to include some parameters from the search page? like how many sequences to show, evalue threshold…
and also any way to show with a “mouseover” some more information for the different databases?
I was trying to find the way to do it, but dont have experience with ruby.

Thanks a lot!!


To customise the interface you will have to edit the template, js and css files by hand. Please see the mailing list archives for previous discussion on the subject. The most recent being -!searchin/sequenceserver/customisation/sequenceserver/_SXS8kuAfKs/W4D_2a9rHAcJ

To limit number of hits you can use -max_target_seqs option, and -evalue option to limit evalue cutoff. This will go into the advanced parameters text box like so:

-max_target_seq 30 -evalue 0.00001

Currently you will have to edit the search form yourself to display database info. We are considering it -

– Priyam