Customization of web interface

Is it possible to modify the sequence server source files to customize the appearance of the web interface? If so, I’d like to know where to find these files. Thanks

Hi Mark,

Yes it's possible to customize the web interface of sequenceserver. The interface is rendered using ERB templating engine and these templates can be found in views/*.erb directory.

For related CSS and JS files, you can look inside the public directory.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Thanks Vivek. Where do I find views/*.erb on OS X?


Look for the first entry in GEM PATH section in the output of “gem env”. That’s where your gems are installed. view/*.erb will be here:


Making any changes there can make life somewhat complicated. What if one of your changes breaks something and you want to revert to pristine install? To avoid that, you can copy, views/ and public/ to some directory in your home directory, and:

  1. modify to set SequenceServer.root to this new directory. SequenceServer will automatically pick up views/ and public/ relative to SequenceServer.root.
  2. Run SequenceServer by invoking rackup in the new directory. SequenceServer will run on port 9292 instead of 4567.

Out of curiosity, what customizations do you want to make?

– Priyam

I’ve got a follow up question to this post - not too sure if I should start a new thread or reply here. Apologies if I’ve gone the wrong way about asking this.

So I’ve got SS up and running on my webserver as well, and got to the point where I’d like to edit the Blast page to match my site layout a little bit more. I’ve found the files as mentioned in this thread and can edit them (search.erb etc), but I do agree with the point that I should copy them all and edit them somewhere else and update the necessary config files to point to this new location.
This is where I’m having some issues.
I’ve first of all tried using an IFrame, but for some reason it just displayed an empty box.
I then followed the steps below to copy all the files and update to point to this new location. I added in a new line SequenceServer.root ‘/home/ubuntu/’
The next line though, said to invoke ‘rackup’, in which I’m not too sure how to do this. I’ve had a bit of a read around but haven’t been able to find anything.

Basically, what I’m after is to have a slightly different looking blast page that can be embedded in my website.

Any ideas to what would be the easiest approach?



Hey Regan,

did you mange to solve this?
I’m surprised that the iframe didn’t work - did you try iframe with other things as a control?

I don’t have much experience with the rackup aspects. Priyam is back next week & should be able to help. In the meantime, Guy Leonard’s recent post may also help [1].

Kind regards,


Hey Regan,

By invoking ‘rackup’, I meant running rackup command. rackup command should be run in the directory where you copied public/, views/ and to and made your customisation.

– Priyam

Sorry, hit ‘Send’ by mistake …

$ cd custom_ss
$ rackup

This will launch a server which can be accessed in the browser at localhost:9292.

I hope this helps.

– Priyam