Blast error with two or more databases concurrently

I’m using Sequenceserver 2 RC3.
I have about ten blast databases loaded with Seqserver and Blast binaries 2.10.0 installed.
When I start Sequenceserver, then I’m able to perform blast search against two or more database concurrently…but only one time.
In fact, If I retry the same analysis or another against more than one database this error occurs: “BLAST failed abruptly (exit status: 2). Most likely there is a problem with the BLAST+ binaries.”
And if I kill and restart Sequenceserver, I can use again two or more databases only one time then the error occurs.

Instead there are no problems if I only blast against a single database at a time.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Hi Max,

Exit status 2 is used by BLAST to indicate there is a problem with the database. Could it be that the problem happens with specific databases?

I followed the steps you indicated, but cannot reproduce the issue here.


Hi Priyam.
many thanks for your answer. Now I have solved…probably some databases were made with the 2.9 version of Blast.
I have rebuilt all the databases with the 2.10 Blast version and now all is ok.

Thanks again.

Hi Max,

That’s great. Thanks for letting us know.

I suppose this means that BLAST 2.10.0 doesn’t like mixing database formats but is okay if you use a single format (old or new). This matches with my experience of using BLAST 2.10.0 with databases built using older versions of BLAST.