Blast 2.10.0


Is there any way of making BLAST 2.10.0+ work with sequenceserver 2.0.0beta4? Or should I just use the 2.9.0 version until the new sequenceserver version?


Hi Lukasz,

I think it is best to wait for the new sequenceserver version and stick to BLAST 2.9.0 for now. This is so that any if BLAST 2.10.0 breaks anything we can fix it.

However, it is very simple if you are compelled to try BLAST 2.10.0:

  1. Change BLAST_VERSION constant in lib/sequenceserver.rb. If you ran gem install --pre sequenceserver, this file should be here: less ruby -e 'puts Gem.path[0]'/gems/sequenceserver-2.0.0.beta4/lib/sequenceserver.rb
  2. Delete the file ~/.sequenceserver.conf or just the line containing path to BLAST+ binaries
  3. Start sequenceserver

To use the new adaptive composition-based statistics you will probably want to start sequenceserver as follows on the command line:

ADAPTIVE_CBS=1 sequenceserver


This is very helpful, thanks again!