Apache Install Refuses to Look in Specified Database Directory

Hi All,

Got an install of sequence server installed on my MacMini server. I’m having an issue that, while the instillation recognized the blast binary directory, it refuses to recognize the blast database directory, so I’m only able to see the test directory. I’m not sure what causes this… anyone have any suggestions?

Jason Gallant

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your interest. Hoping you might be able to provide some more details. Have you managed to get it working outside apache? Would you mind sharing the .sequenceserver.conf file, and its location?

Hi Ben,

As it turns out, resetting sequenceserver using the touch command worked. Can you put this somewhere in the documentation? It would be useful to know how to do this without having to dig through the forums!

Many thanks— the software is great!


Thanks for the tip and the kudos Jason, I’ve updated the installation guide.