[ANN] SequenceServer 1.0.3 (critical)

Hey all,

Just pushed a bug-fix release.

  • Resolves a critical evalue rounding of bug which caused evalue of 0.001 to be displayed as 0.00 which is very misleading. Thanks to Markus Schroder and Dr. Yannick Wurm for reporting the bug.

  • Makes it possible to use SequenceServer in an iframe by default. The behaviour is configurable by setting “frame_options” to “deny” or “sameorigin” or “ALLOW-FROM url” in config file.

  • Improves the debug output for the “database scanning” error that has affected some of our users. This should help us debug the issue better. More on this in a separate email.

To update:

$ gem install sequenceserver

The evalue bug fix make this update rather critical, and we thus strongly advise all to update to 1.0.3 as soon as possible.

– Priyam