Advanced options instead of results


i’ve updated to SequenceServer 2.0 but when i submit a query, i get the blast advanced options rather than the query results. Could someone advise please?


Hi @couchman,

thanks for mentioning this. It sounds like you’re hitting a strange bug. I’m sorry about that.

To help us figure out what’s going on, might you be able to make a brief screen-recording? And let us know which web browser you’re using (and which version)? Does the issue also appear if you are running in a “private browsing” window (which should be the equivalent of running without browser extensions)?

Thanks and kind regards,


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Thanks for your reply Yannick. I’ve discovered what my problem was and it wasn’t SequenceServer’s fault. I have some Nginx redirects to SequenceServer. I was missing a trailing ‘/’ so the redirect was failing. I’m not sure why it worked in my earlier configuration! Thanks again.

Ha super thanks - nginx redirects can be a pain to juggle indeed!

Cheers & take care, Yannick