Introducing our referral program - earn up to $100 per colleague that signs up to the Cloud service

If you’re a user of open source SequenceServer, you may be very happy in the unix command line, running servers, doing upgrades, managing security, et cetera.

But that’s not the case for everyone. Some like to do away with the cost and hassle of maintaining their own server. Or they want to integrate with their employers’ single-sign-on system. Or they just prefer a point-and-click setup and to never have to think about upgrades. For those kinds of people, we created the hosted SequenceServer Cloud service.
You might be among that group of people. And it’s extremely likely that some of your biologist colleagues are in that group.

To help people discover SequenceServer, we’re starting a referral program.

Earn up to $100 for each colleague that signs up. Details here

People signing up to SequenceServer Cloud also helps to continue maintaining and improving open-source SequenceServer.